We are using a common application hosted by The National Science Foundation. To apply to the program, please follow these steps: 

  1. Visit the list of NSF programs by clicking here. 
  2. Search for "ME3" in the Research Topics window.
  3. Click the arrow on the left to expand the window of our program description.
  4. Click "apply." You will need to create a new NSF account to apply.

For additional guidance, here are some screenshots of what the application process will look like.

Our application opens 12/11/2020 and closes on 02/15/2021.

Application Materials Include the Following:

  • An online application form that includes: 

    • A one-page Statement of Purpose indicating your interest in research and describing your candidacy as a participant.

    • A one-page resume

    • Names, titles, and e-mail addresses of your references

    • A current school-issued unofficial transcript which indicates your current GPA.

  • Two letters of recommendation: At least one letter must be written by a faculty member who is familiar with your academic record, your ability to function independently, and your research and/or career goals. One of the two letters may come from a professional work supervisor. These letters will be sent through the online applications system. After you enter the references' contact information, the application will prompt the references to submit their letters to your application.

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