REU students spend 10-weeks at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Mechanical Engineering on a research project related to energy and the environment. The REU student is advised by a faculty member and mentored by a graduate student. Projects may involve background readings in technical literature and reports, computer-aided design, mathematical modeling, fabrication designs, experimental testing, and participation in group discussions and project team meetings. Every student has a project of his/her own, with specific responsibilities and deliverables.  Students are responsible for final reports, posters, and presentations at the end of the experience.

The following is a list of proposed 2021 ME3 REU Remote Projects. If we are able to hold the program on campus, this list will expand, but we are currently planning to hold it remotely in response to the pandemic.

Research Theme REU Project Title Faculty Advisor
Air Quality Modeling of High-Pressure Laminar and Turbulent Sooting Flames Suo Yang
Air Quality Atomization of Viscous Liquids Vinod Srinivasan
Air Quality Optimization of Medium Scale Electrostatic Precipitators  Chris Hogan
Energy Generation & Transmission Heat Transfer in Granular Materials for Concentrated Solar Power Vinod Srinivasan
Energy Generation & Transmission Solar Windows For Photovoltaics In Buildings and Agriculture Uwe Kortshagen
Energy Generation & Transmission Engineering Thermal Emissivity with Nano-photonic Materials Ognjen Ilic
Energy Generation & Transmission Radiative Heat Transfer Control with Phase-change Metamaterials Ognjen Ilic
Energy Generation & Transmission Optimizing the Performance of Gas Turbines Terrence Simon
Water Quality Temperature Dependent Electrodialysis Desalination Natasha Wright
Water Quality Plasmas for Biofilm Control Peter Bruggeman
Wind Energy Wind Power Hydrostatic Transmission Test Stand Kim Stelson
Wind Energy Utility-Scale Wind Turbine Reliability Assessment for Operation & Maintenance Optimization Jiarong Hong

For more detail click here for description of all the projects listed above.