REU students spend 10-weeks at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Mechanical Engineering on a research project related to energy and the environment. The REU student is advised by a faculty member and mentored by a graduate student. Projects may involve background readings in technical literature and reports, computer-aided design, mathematical modeling, fabrication designs, experimental testing, and participation in group discussions and project team meetings. Every student has a project of his/her own, with specific responsibilities and deliverables.  Students are responsible for final reports, posters, and presentations at the end of the experience.

The following is a list of proposed ME3 REU Projects.  For a full summary of the project goal and REU responsibilities, click here.

Research Theme REU Project Title Advisor
Air Quality Atmospheric Aerosols with Two-Phase Microfluidics and Chemical Mimics Dutcher, Cari
Air Quality Fundamental Studies of Electrostatic Air Pollution Control Technology Hogan, Chris
Air Quality Radiative Heat Transfer Control with Phase Change Materials Ilic, Ognjen
Air Quality Modeling of Soot Emissions for Gasoline Direct Injection Engines Yang, Suo
Air Quality; Energy Generation & Transmission Engineering Thermal Emissivity with Nano-optical Structures Ilic, Ognjen
Energy Generation & Transmission Fibers and Fabrics for Wearable Triboelectric Generators Abel, Julianna
Energy Generation & Transmission Control of Wave Energy Converters Li, Perry
Energy Generation & Transmission Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) System Li, Perry
Energy Generation & Transmission Prediction-Driven Charging Station Placement Plan for Minnesota Northrop, Will
Energy Generation & Transmission Cold Weather Impacts on Electric Vehicle Performance Northrop, Will
Energy Generation & Transmission Optimizing the Performance of Gas Turbines Simon, Terrence
Energy Generation & Transmission Design of an Efficient Hydraulic Motor for Off-Highway Vehicles Van de Ven, James
Energy Generation & Transmission High-Voltage Power Electronics Xiaojia Wang
Energy Generation & Transmission Waste Heat Recovery via Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Xiaojia Wang
Water Quality Plasmas for Water Treatment Bruggeman, Peter
Water Quality Nano Sensors for Water Pollutants Detection Cui, Tianhong
Water Quality Controlling Bubble Migration in Soft Granular Media Lee, Sungyon
Water Quality Experimental Investigation of Enhanced Evaporation Technologies for Inexpensive Brine Management in Low-resource Settings Wright, Natasha
Wind Energy Daily and Seasonal Variation in Wind Turbine Power Production Hong, Jiarong
Wind Energy Wind Power Hydrostatic Transmission Test Stand Stelson, Kim
Wind Energy Increase in Energy Capture in Wind Turbines with Oscillating Blades Stelson, Kim